Best Graduation Gifts | Apartments for Rent in Miami
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With the current state of things, many special events, including graduations, have been delayed or canceled. We all know someone whose graduation has been affected and their hard work is being overshadowed. At Riverhouse at 11th, we’ve gathered a list of the best graduation gifts that are sure to please and make your graduate feel special. Find the perfect gift and find your new home at our apartments for rent in Miami.

Home Repair Kit

Whether you have a high school graduate going off to college or a college graduate moving into their first home, make sure they’ll fully prepared with this home repair kit. With 100 pieces, this kit will have everything they need to complete small repairs at their new home without having to run to the hardware store. It may not be the gift that they were expecting, but it will definitely be one of their most used gifts and they’ll think of you every time they open it.

Instant Pot

Perfect for easy dorm meals or for those who are just learning how to cook, an Instant Pot is a must. This will make the life of your graduate so much easier and they won’t have to worry about what to cook for dinner every night. Unlike a slow cooker, the Instant Pot can have your meal ready within a matter of minutes and it comes apart for an easy clean up, or they even make liners to go in the pot so you can just take that out and toss it! This gift is perfect for those that are still learning their way around the kitchen.

Homesick Candles

If your graduate is moving far away, send a little piece of home with them. Homesick Candles offers candles that highlight the unique scents of every state and will make any new place feel like home. Not only do they have candles for every state, they also have candles for major U.S. cities, select countries, and even memory candles that smell like a Friday night football game or your favorite pumpkin patch. These candles may not be the most extravagant gift, but they are sure to hold a special place in your graduate’s heart.

Find the perfect gift for your graduate and make them feel extra special this year. Find your new home at our apartments for rent in Miami and contact us today for more information about Riverhouse at 11th!